English Summary

Brazilian Blend is about a Brazilian music program on Dutch local radio station ORTS in Oosterhout,
the Netherlands.
ORTS radio serves the community of Oosterhout in the air on 106.2 and cable 92.9, and can be heard on
a live stream.
Go to the ORTS website and click on the "luister live" button.

Among the variety of radio programs like classical, blues, country & western, rock, sports and local news,
ORTS radio also offers a Brazilian music program called "Brazilian Blend".
It is aired every Thursday evening from 9 until 10 pm local time and is repeated every Sunday evening
at the same hour.
On this website you can listen to Brazilian Blend in case you missed the live program.
Click on 'uitzendingen' You'll find it in the menu on the left, or click here

Other interesting pages on this website are the concerts section which mentions Brazilian concerts
in the Netherlands or just over the border, and "'weblinks" for information about artists in case you want
to know more about Brazilian artists and organizations.

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